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When working for an airline as an airport operator, security or baggage handler, Aviation two-way radio communication and real-time data is critical.

In Aviation security, maintenance and baggage handling through to catering, fueling, emergency communications and air traffic control, two-way radios can enable all areas of the airport to run efficiently and effectively.

Clear and reliable radio communication is imperative.  Orion can help you make this a reality. We supply aviation two-way radios designed specifically for airport, airline and air cargo operations.

In a busy and fast-paced environment such as an airport, where safety is paramount, two-way communication is critical to ensure all departments can achieve their responsibilities safely and efficiently. Aviation two-way radios can help all areas of an airport run smoothly, from security, maintenance and baggage handling, through to catering, fueling, emergency communications and air traffic control.

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Orion Christchurch Airport

Christchurch Airport

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Orion DP4000e

DP4000e Series Radio

DP4000e Series radios are widely adopted at airports worldwide.

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