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OC3™ Unpacked

Orion Dispatch


Dispatch is a console-based, voice-dispatch solution, providing communications between a dispatcher and a mobile work force. It can broadcast to individual recipients privately or to groups and offers a range of useful functions including job ticketing and text-to-speech provision.

OC3 Locate


The Locate function offers visibility of solitary workers who are mobile, irrespective of device.

OC3 Protect


Protect is an enhanced health and safety package for users on the move who work alone. Combined with the Locate function, Protect provides immediate information on the status of an individual worker in an emergency. An alarm module applies logic to an event, allowing for the delivery of a message to the radio network, and broadcasting a voice-to-text network notification of key details re the event.

OC3 Record


Record offers peace of mind for customers who are strongly interested in health and safety information. Recordings can be downloaded and archived, providing robust reporting on a health and safety incident, along with a record of compliance in terms of the response to the event.



Designed to provide economies of scale, a Virtual Private Radio Network offers competitive pricing with the benefit of access to a reliable infrastructure delivered over the OC3 coverage footprint. This option is ideal customers requiring a single service, that has no operational limits, that can be costed on a per-site, per-group basis to meet particular requirements.

OC3 Monitor


Packaged with CORE CONNECT, MONITOR regularly checks the health of the radio network, and is able to integrate SCADA alerts and telemetry outputs for industrial users.

OC3 Encrpyt


Built on AES256-bit encryption, Encrypt offers a highly enhanced level of security for your communications.

Orion CoreConnect

Core Connect

Core Connect is an advanced, centralised radio management resource. Designed to maximise an existing private network by leveraging the OC3 Core product suite. Core Connect is ideal for campus deployments.

Orion Cloud RT

Cloud RT

Cloud RT offers Push to Talk (PTT) functionality over broadband communications platforms including WiFi, cellular and satellite. Powered by Motorola Solutions, it is flexible across OS, Android and PC, and integrates all platforms within the radio network.

Orion Aggregate


AGGREGATE is a future road-mapped application. Currently in development, Aggregate will provide a dashboard view of the all available information and data in the OC3 Converge product suite.