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Founded by a group of leading communication experts.

Garry Parker

Garry Parker

Director of Orion NZ Radio Group
MD of T L Parker Limited

Founding Director of Orion NZ Radio Group, T L Parker Limited, and Parker Communications, Garry has pioneered in providing solution based radio frequency (RF) communication devices and network services throughout New Zealand for over 42 years. Brought up in a family culture of mobile communications, Garry’s induction to RF occurred before his formal education. After graduating as a radio technician with First Class Honours, Garry extended his learning with Phillips before acquiring and expanding his family’s business.

As New Zealand’s first Motorola Dealer since 1983, Garry entered into a joint venture with Motorola and deployed New Zealand’s SmartNet trunked radio network in 1989. This became the building block to the success of the Motorola brand and T L Parker Limited. Whilst pioneering networks services in New Zealand from analogue to digital in 2010, Garry deployed a $4M Motorola Canopy wireless broadband product; thereby, providing wireless broadband to remote and rural communities throughout the South Island of New Zealand. Recent projects consist of a nationwide deployment of Motorola’s latest digital mobile radio network -Capacity Max; as well as WAVE 5000, which enables access to a mobile radio network through the gateway use of cellular devices.

As a communications consultant, Garry’s practical, theoretical and working knowledge of RF have provided future vision, reliability and successful delivery of customized designed, engineered and built communications solutions for networks and mobile radio products to the International Red Cross, all areas of avionics, healthcare service and mining industries as well as all levels of government in New Zealand and Australia. Garry’s recent consultancy and deployment of customized communication networks have focused on critical communication services and customised equipment that assist in interoperability during critical events. Recent customers include, but not limited to, The United States Government, Australian Federal Police, Christchurch International Airport, Canterbury District Health Board and various mining industries.

Harry Singh

Harry Singh

Director Orion and MD CSE New Zealand

After completing BSc and BE Electrical and Electronics, Harry started his career in application and implementation of Automation and Telemetry technologies.  He was the Sales Manager for Siemens Automation and in 1998 General Electric appointed Harry as the Country Manager for start-up of their Industrial Systems division in New Zealand.  I am passionate about Industry 4.0 and future communications / control room technologies.

After completing MBA, Harry joined CSE in 2001 as the General Manager and it has been an exciting business growth journey for over 20 years.

CSE acquired W Arthur Fisher (WAF) in 2008.  WAF has been successfully providing Automation, Telemetry, Flow Control and Instrumentation products and system integration in the New Zealand and Pacific markets for over 90 years. CSE WAF, a division of CSE New Zealand also provides Substation Protection, Security and communications products and services to power utilities.

After the acquisition of Genesis Communications and 50% of Orion in 2018, CSE added Two-way radio communications solutions, Network services and engineering support.   CSE Genesis, a division of CSE New Zealand is continuing with the tradition established by Genesis over 25 years in the New Zealand market.

At the same time, CSE embarked on an ambitious project to build nationwide Communications Network, “ORION” Powered by Motorola technology to provide Converged Critical Communications to our customers managing critical infrastructure such as Ports, Water, Power, and others.  Today we have high sites in most of the regions and compensated with LTE technology in difficult to reach areas.

Hamish Duff

Hamish Duff

Founding Director of Orion Radio Group & MD of Mastercom

A founding Director of the Orion Network, Hamish is passionate about transforming businesses through the application of digital mobile radio technology. With a career in communications spanning more than 30 years, Hamish is skilled in making the complex simple – engineering communication solutions to support the needs of all users – from the control room to the field.

Hamish is the Managing Director of Mastercom, a Sydney based communications provider with a solid reputation for delivering on what they promise. A specialist in wide-area radio networks, Hamish has a genuine understanding of the pressures faced out in the field and the role that efficient communications plays to help people everyday.

A member of the Australian Radio Communications Industry Association (ARCIA), Hamish is highly regarded for his technical competency and in 2009 was awarded an ARCIA technical excellence award.

Hamish enjoys time with his family and tinkering with old cars. He attributes his success to being able to put himself in other people’s shoes, and consider business from their perspective before trying to find a solution.

Martin McLeod

Martin McLeod

Director The Orion Network & Managing Director Gencom

A Director of The Orion Network, Martin brings more than 30 years mobile communications experience to his role. Developing a passion for radio communications in the early 70s at the Westlakes Amateur Radio Club in NSW, it is no coincidence that today Martin is playing a founding role in the development of Australia’s largest digital two-way radio network.

As Managing Director of Gencom, one of the most respected communications players in New South Wales, Martin is best known for his inherent desire to understand how he can add value to his client’s operations through the application of new communication technologies. He stands by the firm belief that you can drive any outcome you want if you’re passionate enough to do it.

In the mid-late 80s, Martin was an Account Executive at Motorola, which he claims was an excellent training ground in all facets of business. He has held the role of Vice President with the Australian Radio Communications Industry Association (ARCIA) since 2009, and is driven by a genuine desire to contribute to the future development of Australia’s communications industry.

Partial to a round of golf, Martin is excited about his shared vision to build a world-class digital radio network that spans the country.

Roy Rowe

Roy Rowe

Director The Orion Network & Managing Director CSE Australia

Roy joined CSE Global in February 2011 and brings over 30 years’ experience working in Australia and Asia to the CSE Global group. With experience in power, automation and telecommunications technologies Roy is responsible for delivering the Boards vision of becoming the market leader in delivering technology driven products, projects, integration services and whole of life maintenance solutions to our key markets and customers.